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Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing Uses Graniflex

Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing applies the Graniflex system. It is a high strength and decorative concrete resurfacing system. It is a perfect system to be applied to any exterior or interior concrete surface including driveways, pool decks, sidewalks, patios, porches, basement floors, kitchen areas, restrooms and more!

Flexible Penetration

Graniflex is able to penetrate deeply into the pores of building materials. It cures as tough as a truck tire, making it impossible for it to ever bubble, peel, or delaminate. The flexibility Graniflex allows it to hold back negative hydrostatic pressure without fail.

Elongation Memory

This proprietary technology ensures that Graniflex is able to maintain its original shape during compression. This prevents it from distorting from it’s original shape and size. This protects you from the release of the coating typically found with freeze/thaw cycles, water or gas pressure, and vibration shock.

Permanent Elongation

Graniflex is produced to be capable of 590% of elongation, thus never becoming hard or brittle. It is able to maintain its flexibility and even becomes stronger with age without breaking down like similar coatings. Graniflex deeply penetrates and strengthens weak concrete and mortar.


Crack Resistant






Slip resistant


Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing can install Graniflex on your interior concrete. It is perfect for your basement, workroom, garage and more!


Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing installs Graniflex on exterior concrete as well. It’s waterproof and crack resistant formula makes it perfect for driveways, pool decks, walkways, and porches.


Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing can install Graniflex in your commercial setting as well. It is the perfect application for your retail and food service areas. We can even install logos to give you a custom professional appearance along with all the benefits of Graniflex!

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