How Long Does Concrete Resurfacing Last? - Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing
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Many customers often want to know how long will a resurfaced or refinished concrete last? Obviously if someone is considering a project for their home, they want to know they are getting their moneys worth. At Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing each of our services comes with a warranty, our stuff is that good!

We offer a variety of products and services to not only bring life to your old concrete, but to protect it for decades to come. We offer a penetrating concrete sealer that can be installed on a plain concrete surface. This sealer keeps out moisture and other harmful contaminants that age and breakdown your concrete over time.

We also install the state of the art product, Graniflex, which is a spray covering that not only protects but beautifies your current concrete. This system is a perfect option to dress up and protect your concrete slab garage floors. This no cracking product helps protect your concrete from road salts, oils, and more!

Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing has been your go to local contractor for all your concrete needs for over 20 years. We recently had a customer call us to come redo their patio that we did over 19 years ago. No, it wasn’t chipped or cracked. They simply wanted to update their look and loved how well we worked almost 2 decades ago.

If you’re looking to update the look of your home, have a cracked or pitted concrete surface, or simply want to protect your current concrete, we are the local concrete contractor for you in Maryland and Delaware. We offer free estimates for any job!


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