Penetrating Concrete Sealer - Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Penetrating Sealer

Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing proudly uses The Concrete Protector products

Why our sealer is better

Our sealer is unlike the film forming acrylic sealers. Our sealer penetrates the concrete and chemically alters the surface. This reaction produces a glass like water resistant membrane protecting the surface from penetration. Unlike other sealers, ours does not change the color or texture of the surface of your concrete!


Protects Against Salt

Here in Delaware and Maryland we are known to get some ice and snow, which means salt being applied. Once the temperature rises, the melting begins, and the salt penetrates your concrete. The result? Corroding and rotting concrete from the inside out. Prevent this with our penetrating sealer!

Want Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing to seal your concrete?

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