Porch Brought Back To Life In Bear Delaware - Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing

Bear Delaware Porch Brought Back To Life

Project Description

We finished this project in a day from start to finish. We did an acid wash to properly prep the surface. We then completed a grinding of the surface and crack repair. Then we added the base coat and pattern. Then it was topped off with a texture coat and finally finished with the gloss coat. Within a day we added instant curb appeal to this home in Bear, De.

Project Details

Date 9/29/15
Skills Resurfacing, Concrete Stenciling
Location Bear, Delaware

John came out and did our front porch. The previous owners had painted it with interior latex paint that was badly peeling. We had unsightly mildew discoloration and cracks. In only one day Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing completely remade our front entrance into something respectable and at an unbelievably reasonable price. Before I spoke with John, I had thought we were going to have to remove the concrete. I’m pleased we didn’t, as it would have cost more to have the old concrete broken up and removed than it did to have John completely fix it in less than a work day! We highly recommend Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing in all respects.

Rick Reuling

Bear, DE



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