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Everyone watches the infomercials and shows on TV that make everything look so easy. “You can do it, we can help!” they exclaim. It always appears so easy on TV, only to end up with horrible results. There are even websites to display your latest Pinterest or DIY project fails! Whenever you consider taking on a project at home you should run through a quick checklist to determine if hiring a professional is a better idea.

DIY Garage Concrete Coating Checklist –

Is it safe to install?

Before buying that DIY kit there are somethings you should consider. Do you want to be in contact and use hydrochloric acid, which is used to prepare the floor. This is serious stuff and can leave scars if the proper safety equipment isn’t used. You also need the proper respirator that can trap acid vapor. Some of the DIY epoxies even require these respirators so extreme caution should be used. Don’t like the sounds of this? Consider hiring a professional concrete resurfacing company.

Will Concrete Resurfacing Increase My Resale Value?

Everyone wants to maintain or increase their home’s resale value. It is one of the largest investments you’ll make and no one wants to see that go down. When picking up a DIY Garage Concrete Floor Resurfacing Kit you need to consider the type of results you will get. You should consider if your end results are likely going to increase the desirability or value of your home? Is the quality going to take away from your garage space? Does it make the home look like it was constructed and maintained by professionals? You are working with permanent solutions and chemicals when using these kits. Unlike a Pinterest baking fail an error is likely permanent and/or very costly to repair. You can check out some of our recent professional concrete repair and resurfacing projects. At Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing we take pride in our craft and guarantee your satisfaction.

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Hidden Costs to DIY Garage Epoxy Kits

Is my DIY solution going to last as much as a professional job? DIY is not always going to save you money in the long run. We have seen countless projects where we go behind and repair a customers DIY attempt. In the end this ends up costing them a lot more then what having a professional resurface their concrete initially would have cost. Our only job at Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing is to repair and resurface concrete. We don’t pour concrete. We don’t do asphalt. We are specialized in one thing, and it shows. We take pride in our craft and provide professional results. So before you consider picking up that kit at the local Home Depot, take a second to reconsider the project and give us a call.

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