Refresh of 12 Year Old Project - Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing

Refresh of 12 Year Old Project

Check out this project completed by Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing!

The Challenge

This client wanted to refresh their concrete and to match their new tan colored exterior.

The Solution

This is a perfect example of the quality of work done by Wilmington Concrete Resurfacing. This sidewalk and patio were first done 12 years ago and still are in great condition. We prepared the surface and redid their surfaces to match their new exterior. The finished product is great and will last the homeowners years to come, just like their original application.

Who knew a 30 year old sidewalk could be transformed into such a work of art?! We could not be happier with the professionalism and absolute pride of work demonstrated. #mysidewalkisbetterthanyours #myneighborshavesidewalkenvy

Ronnie and Melinda M

Newark, DE

Want your concrete refinished like this Newark, Delaware home?

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